6 Things All First-Time Cannabis Smokers Should Know About Bongs


If you’re a first-time cannabis smoker, then you should seriously consider your first time to be with a bong in hand. A bong is a handy item that enhances the smoking experience and gets you even higher.

While most of you probably know what a bong looks like and how it works, first-time cannabis smokers probably don’t. Because of that, we’re here to give you the 6 things to know about bongs.

So without wasting too much time, let’s start.

1. It Gets You Higher


Since bongs give you bigger hits, the whole purpose is to get you higher faster with fewer hits. And this is absolutely true regardless of how complicated the bong is.

Stoners prefer using this item as you can smoke whenever you want. By taking larger hits, you get higher faster and can let the bong sit idly while you enjoy your high.

Most stoners will tell you that the taste of having to lit a bud again isn’t the greatest. So once they make a joint, they have to smoke it all. This forces you to finish it even if you don’t want it.

But with a bong, this problem doesn’t exist. You can let the weed sit and use it whenever you want or are ready to go again.

2. Easy To Clean


Most bongs are made out of glass. That means there are tons of ways to clean it. Since you smoke from it, it’s quite easy to think that it will get messy at some point. As a matter of fact, you need to regularly clean it otherwise it’s not good for you.

So how do you clean it? There are excellent guides online on how to clean a bong. All you’ll need is a sponge and some glass cleaner and you’re good to go. While very few stoners do it, you should make it a habit. Don’t let your bong sit for too much as you’re compromising the experience.

Instead, once you do it a few times, grab that sponge and glass cleaner and start scrubbing the smoke.

3. Bongs Give You Larger Hits


What every stoner will tell you is that bongs are more efficient than smoking buds. The way a bong works is quite simple. Every time you take a hit, the smoke gets filtered and the smoke comes through the mouthpiece. The bong has a piece filled with water where the smoke filters with every hit. This makes the cannabis more effective as it goes directly into your lungs.

When smoking buds, you keep them before sending the smoke to the lungs. While the concept of bongs works simple, there are more complicated bongs out there. As a matter of fact, some stoners prefer the craziest-looking bongs as opposed to simple and ordinary ones. Luckily for you, there is a place to shop for both.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for more weird-looking or simple bongs, Shishaglass has got you covered.

4. Tons Of Price Options

Many stoners are put off from buying a bong since they don’t consider it an investment. But if your local cannabis shop doesn’t have cheap bongs, the internet has.

You can pick up a piece for as little as $10. As we mentioned previously, glass is the most common material bongs are made of. But there is a whole subsection that we haven’t explored.

If you indeed prefer the weirder and complicated bongs, then a glass-blown bong will take the cake. These usually come in cool designs and have more features on them. But that makes them more expensive. If you’re okay with that, then be sure to pick up one to add to your collection.

What’s important to consider is that you can go for a cheaper one, or a more expensive one.

5. You’ll Hear A Lot Of Things


While bongs are great since they give larger hits, not everyone has nice words to say about them. It’s quite common for multiple people to take hits from the same mouthpiece. That is why a bong is always used in social circles.

But from all the things you’ll hear about them, one of the more troubling things is that they’re dirtier than toilet water. If you don’t clean your bong, that might well be the case. But there isn’t anything out there that confirms this myth.

The cannabis community is no stranger to this claim, but the overwhelming consensus is that this is a myth orchestrated by someone who hates cannabis.

While that might be the case, you shouldn’t forget to clean your bong every once in a while. If you’re thinking of using it every day, then you should clean it at least once a week.

First-time cannabis smokers might be strangers to bongs, but it’s common thinking to clean your equipment.

6. Plenty Of Bong Types


First-time cannabis smokers should know that cannabis stores have all the stuff you need for a good experience. When we look at this particular item, there is enough diversity to meet anyone’s demands.

As such, more than one type of bong exists on the market. So before you decide on what to buy, consider some of the extra features it might come with. One of the most important features that make sure you have a good experience is the percolator. Not every bong has one, so this is an inherent feature of its own. But more than one type of percolator exists.

The percolator is essentially used to determine the smoothness of the smoke. As such, some of your options include a honeycomb, showerhead, tree, tube, and inline percolator. Each one is different so you should talk to the store when buying one.

Another feature that determines the type is glass thickness. This feature has more to do with how durable the item is. It doesn’t give you anything else than durability. So it’s up to you if you want to spend more on a bong that is made out of 7mm thick glass. The norm is around 3mm, so anything above that is considered more durable.