Things Every First-Time Traveler Should Know When Visiting Miami

What do people often do when they want to recharge their batteries? They travel! Of course, time and money do not allow us to do that more often. However, when an opportunity like that exists, people would want to pick destinations where they can make some memorable moments with their friends, partner, or anyone else. One of the destinations that deserve your attention is – Miami!

Why Miami? There are many reasons why this place is an excellent option. You will enjoy beautiful weather, amazing beaches, entertaining nightlife, and a lot of other fun activities. However, if you have never been here before, it would be much better to gain some relevant pieces of information. The good news is that you have come to the right place to find out all the things every first-time traveler should know. Let’s explain one by one! 

You Will Get Chance to Meet the Caribbean and Latin American Culture

People do not only travel to recharge their batteries and have fun. They also do that because they want to get familiar with different cultures, traditions, and mentality. Miami is full of places where you can find out more about American culture. However, you should know that the Cuban community in this place is extremely big. Because of that, you will certainly enjoy some Cuban cocktails (mojito for instance) while enjoying different salsa performances. 

On the other hand, you will also get the chance to meet people from Venezuela, Columbia, Bahama, and other places from the Caribbean and Latin-America part. This will allow you to enjoy music, art, and meals that are characteristical for that part of the world. 

In other words, first-time travelers should know that Miami is a mix of different cultures and traditions. Traveling there will make you a more flexible person. 

Art Scene Is Incredible Here

Miami may not be on the list of towns that have the most museums in the world. However, that doesn’t mean the art scene here is poor. On the contrary, you will manage to find a huge number of galleries and cultural centers in one place. 

On the other hand, street art and murals are present in many places. If that seems interesting to you, you may want to check out the Wynwood neighborhood. This place is a couple of minutes from the Miami downtown where you can find 18 walls decorated with graffiti. Some of the most popular graffiti artists have come here to represent their creativity and talents.

Miami Beach? Yes, but It Isn’t The Only Option!

All first-time travelers have probably heard about Miami Beach. This world-famous place attracts thousands of tourists every single year, and that number will probably never reduce. However, it is not the only beach that you can find in Miami. 

One of the beaches that you may want to visit is Virginia Key. It is a sandy beach that usually a small number of people visit. Because of that, if you want to enjoy the silence, beautiful weather, and sandy beaches, this may be an excellent option for you.

Of course, Miami is not only an adequate place for young people. You will also manage to find family-friendly beaches such as Crandon Park. If you are a parent, you will ensure your kids enjoy different water sports and other activities that will make their (and your as well) vacation memorable.

Public Transportation? A Bit Complex Subject

There are many places you would want to visit in Miami. That is the reason why you need to find out more information about public transportation in this place. First of all, the town itself contains the largest transportation system in Florida. You can go from one place to another with trolleys, metro rail, buses, and metro mover. 

However, here comes something you have to know. When you want to go to Wynwood, Brickell City Center, or Little Havana, you can do that by using a metro mover and trolley. However, if you want to visit South Beach or Miami Beach, this type of public transportation will not be available to you. For traveling in these two places, it would be much better to rent a bike or simply get a taxi. 

On the other hand, when you plan to pass short distances, the only option you have is Freebee. This is an electric car service that you can get by installing a Freebee app. Of course, we recommend you do not forget to tip the driver and should him gratitude for transporting you from one place to another in that way.

If You Rent a Car, Parking May be a Problem

Well, you need to understand that parking may be a bit pricy. If you park your vehicle on off-street parking spots, that will cost you around $2 an hour. However, if you decide on using public parking garages, then you will need to pay more than $20 daily. Actually, the price is often around $7/hour or $30 a day. 

These prices may not seem expensive for some people. However, here comes another problem. You may not manage to find a free parking space. That especially counts when we talk about Miami Beach. You can’t park in the residential zones if you don’t have permission to do that. If you break this rule, the authorities will probably tow your car away, and that will bring you additional troubles and expenses.

You Can Save Money

Without any doubt, Miami is expensive, but there are ways to save a bit more money. For instance, if you book a room in the backside of Miami Beach, the expenses you will have won’t be high. On the other hand, eating in restaurants away from hotspots like Collins Ave, Ocean Drive, and others will save you more money. We recommend you apply these pieces of advice if organizing your budget is a problem. 

Final Thought

Well, these were only some of the pieces of advice that first-time travelers should hear. For more details, we recommend you click here and find websites that analyze everything travelers should know about Miami and Florida in general. Gaining all the necessary information will allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and make some memorable moments.