The Following – Will There Be Season 4?

All of us have certainly watched at least some episode of the well-known TV series “The Following.” We have seen the suspense its story has and wished to see more of it. Its third season finished over a year ago, and everyone is wondering whether there will be next season or not. What interesting story is in store for its fans?

There are many ambiguous rumors on “The Following” Season 4. Namely, Ryan Hardy is allegedly taking on a vigilante role, while many speculate that Season 4 won’t be delivered at all.

According to Spoilers Guide, if the Fox renews “The Following” for a fourth season, Hardy is set to be a vigilante. Showrunner Alexi Hawley made a joke that Hardy had been answering the questions he had been asking for the first three seasons. Those were about becoming happy outside his obsessions and having a life. According to him, the answer to these queries was “No.”

According to TV Line, apart from Hardy and his vigilante role, “The Following” is set to have an “uber-rich” serial killer. In her interview series co-showrunner, Alexi Hawley mentioned there would be the concept of having an extremely wealthy serial murderer in order to break away from the identity of the killer.

Nonetheless, according to Master Herald, “The Following” Season 3 was not as popular among the audience as it has been imagined and expected. There has been a significant decline in the number of viewers. Therefore, the renewal for a fourth season is still not certain. However, ratings and basic critical response from the audience will have the main impact on whether the show will be renewed for the next season or not, and we are hoping that people behind the show will say yes to the next season and meet our expectations.