Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma Season 3 -Release date, Latest News & Update

Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma” Season 3 anime simply doesn’t stop surprising us. The relationship between Erina Nakiri and Yukihira Soma gets more complicated because of the new administration which causes problems for them. What we saw last is that Azami Nakiri is proclaimed the new school administrator, which puts Erina in a difficult situation, so everyone’s sympathies are with her and everybody wants to see what will happen next. Moreover, it can also have an impact on Soma’s stay in Totsuki’s Academy.

There happens to be a lot of spoilers on the web, but the biggest one is about Erina’s transfer to Polar Star Dormitory. Not only will it have an enormous impact on her life, but it will greatly affect everyone’s life in the Academy.

Furthermore, the relationship between Erina and Yukihira will experience many ups and downs, possibly leading to a romantic ending. According to rto Movie News Guide, the direction in which their relationship is going is what viewers are looking forward to the most.

The sequence of events in “Food Wars: Shokugeki No Soma” Season 3 is rather intriguing for all of us. Apparently, the new rules Erina’s father has imposed will complicate everything, probably the research society will suffer most. Of course, Soma will be the one to help her. However, he will have many worries on his own, since his stay in the Academy will be jeopardized.

According to a report in Yibada, Season 3 will contain much cooking action, and Soma will have to do his best if he wants to develop his specialty dish. Namely, Soma will accept every challenge he comes across. It is certain we are all anxious to see what those challenges are and looking forward to watching the third season.