The Ford F-150 has the army of fans in the United States along with The Rock and John Mayer

The United States has its favorite vehicle with a large base of faithful worshipers, and that’s Ford F-150. As a matter of fact, it comes first in sale figures in this country, and its immense popularity is measured by the great number of people who decided to drive it. In order to demonstrate how popular it is, let’s take a glance at the range of people who bought Ford F-150.

F-150 Price

The initial price of F-150 is $27,110, but if you decide to make some changes and touch it up, it can amount up to $65,000. The standard setup of the vehicle, regarding the truck’s badge, frame, and status, doesn’t go through alternations, no matter which configuration you opt for. Many rich people decide to purchase Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens due to its high prestige. Although a car might sometimes be out of date, people would choose to buy it, and that is done mostly because of what it represents as a status symbol.

However, when it comes to the aforementioned Ford F-150, the situation is completely different. We are seeing a trend of households that earn even over $500,000 a year buying this vehicle, and as a matter of fact, this is the highest selling model if we take a look at the income above $500,000. Its quadruple engine options, seats that come either in cloth or leather, and many other benefits that it provides have been the main reason that Chris Pratt, John Mayer, Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Jason Aldean have decided to purchase F-150.

Instead of talking about all the potentials that this car may offer to its buyers, let’s rather pose some questions for the readers. What do you think is the reason that made this vehicle so desirable? Is it the fact that it’s approachable for all classes or the wide range of its trim variance?

The number of vehicles sold since the first day of 2017 has amounted to 429,860. Last year was also very successful as Ford managed to deliver 820,799 vehicles in total.