Ford F-650 Pickup Is Shaquille O’Neal’s Daily Car

Shaquille O’Neal is a huge fellow, and he needs a massive truck, it is as simple as that. This guy is 7-foot-1-inch tall, and he weighs more than 325 pounds now that his rich NBA career has ended. So, as you can see the Hall of Famer needs a vehicle in which he is going to feel comfortable. He managed to find a big truck, and it is not that Buick LaCrosse from the commercial.

We are talking about a Ford F-650 Extreme from Wade Ford, which was tuned by the pickup builder SuperTruck with the home of both companies being the state of Georgia. SuperTruck only produces several examples per year, and each of these vehicles is done with the precision and according to the customers’ liking.

The Ford F-650 Extreme Shaq driving is pretty close to the carbon copy of the commercial F-650 truck, and you can find some of the luxurious features and elements that can be seen in Blue Oval’s smaller pickup trucks. Some of those features are leather upholstery, heated seats, an infotainment system which has navigation integrated into it, Bluetooth, HD Radio and many others. Also, this truck has safety features that will keep him secure enough in case of a truck accident.


Just like the commercial truck, the Shaq’s truck also sports the 6.7-liter Powerstroke V8 diesel unit under the hood, and this engine generates 330 hp and 750 lb-ft of torque. O’Neal, who is also known as Big Aristotle or Big Shaqtus will have no trouble moving around in this machine.

The starting price of the SuperTruck’s F-650 Extreme is $109,750, but because the 4x NBA champion decided to add some optional equipment, the price reached $124,150. We are sure that he had no trouble cashing this vehicle out and knowing Shaquille O’Neal, he will truly enjoy this truck.

Check out this short video of SuperTrucks below: