Ford Motor Company (F) Makes Available Factory-Installed Strobe Warning Led Lights On Super Duty Trucks

In order to get rid of the competition in the automotive market, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has decided to introduce new strobe warning LED lights on all the super duty trucks. These lights are factory installed and equipped with the latest amenities. All the 2016 F-Series Super Duty trucks will be made available to customers with these LED lights.

What’s The Need

These LED lights will prove to be a great help for drivers passing through dark roads where municipal crews or road construction work is going on. It’s recommended to have a good visibility on such roads to avoid any accident. In the recent past, the country has witnessed a lot of brutal accidents due to lack of visibility on the roads.

As per reports, the rear and front-mounted amber-lens strobe lights installed in these super duty trucks can easily be seen 1000 feet away during the day and a mile away during the night.

The primary objective of the company behind installing these lights in super duty trucks is to ensure that all the workers working on road sites during the night can be safeguarded. In most of the cases, workers who are asked to work in the night shift fail to notice if any vehicle is heading to them. They have to pay the price in the form of their lives in such cases. With the help of these LED lights, Ford wants to ensure that no innocent life is wasted on dark roads during construction work or other activities.

The senior management of the company is delighted to announce the launch of these new LED lights on super duty trucks and hopes to see a positive change in the automotive industry. It will enhance not only the brand value, but also the revenues of the company in the near future.