Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Soon To Launch Mode:Flex, A New Smart eBike

Ford Headquarters

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has been continuously changing and improving its technology to create and launch new products in the market. The company has decided to popularize its eBikes as the company adds interesting features to the coming lineup of its eBikes. The prototype model of one such bike, known as Mode:Flex, can be separated into two parts to fit in a Ford vehicle and then can be reassembled easily to resume biking.

The Combination of Car and Bike Travelling

When a person uses a bike for travel, he either ends up doing the entire journey with his bike or soon abandons the bike and continues with a car when he gets tired. Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has taken this problem as an opportunity to create a new generation of bikes that will assist the driver in a more convenient travel.

These bikes are a new series of electric bikes. The prototype model “Mode:Flex”, as featured by the company, is able to assist the driver with biking. The handlebars help you to notice overtaking cars. The bike helps you climb steep hills. Though the company has not commented about the specifications as yet, it is expected to be similar to Mode:Pro, another eBike from the company.

So, the bike will most likely be equipped with a 200 watt motor that can allow a top speed of 25 km/h. The bike can be easily broken down into two parts to allow easy carrying. A person can take the bike anywhere, whether it is a car or train, and enjoy “multimodal” travelling.

Smartphone and Smartwatch App

The company has also created a smartphone app for the eBike. The app will take note of traffic, weather and your fitness level. It will also notify you about parking costs. The smartphone app will assist in multimodal travelling. The smartwatch app will work in coordination with the smartphone app.
The model Mode:Flex is expected to be launched soon. The new eBike might just become a great success if the company manages to keep the price reasonable. For now, the eBike has surely attracted bike lovers.