Ford Mustang Notchback by Chris Cyrulewski

Well what we have here for you, and what you can see from the design pictures is definitive proof that a fine line that went between the muscle cars and sports cars is nearly all gone. How come, you might ask? Well, the fact is that when you have cars like Mustang and Camaro competing (in terms of style at least) with vehicles from Porsche, Jaguar and Aston Martin, then you can see what I mean exactly.

The term American Muscle might actually mean something else now. The older generations got to know big blocks, carburetors, and engine bays without miles of wire routed everywhere. Now, American Muscle cars are slowly drifting away from what they used to be, and that is more and more apparent every day. But one guy is trying to make that right, and his name is Chris Cyrulewski.

Chris made a design of the Mustang you can see here. It is heavily modified by a lot of old school features that show us just how cool the next gen Mustang could be. He managed to make what seems to be a modern interpretation of the Notchback design Ford has used in the past. But to get one thing straight right away, Chris isn’t doing this as a hobby. He actually created a GT350 Concept car for Ford as a freelance digital sculptor a while back.

Now, what must have caught your eye firstly is that the Mustang on the renderings has been modified to accommodate the Notchback design, and it is visible through the rear glass which is repositioned and shortened to sit almost vertically while the roof and rear deck are almost flat. At the back of the car, as you can see, we don’t have the standard GT wing as it received a small lip on the trunk hatch while the rear end has been widened by, let’s say, 4 inches. The wheel arches are a lot more pronounced while the rear diffuser has a hint of GT3 look. The side of the vehicle boasts with fender vents from the GT350 that are sited at the rear quarter panels to cool the brakes actively.

Front of the car has also “suffered” some changes and the most noticeable are the air inlets next to the headlights (inspiration from 1970 Mach 1). The front is also wider, by 3 inches probably, which only adds to the mean stance and more muscular look (like it needs more). Basically, the front is a lot similar to the current Mustang, with the exception of corner vents which are much larger, courtesy of the extra width. There is one more thing that adds to the overall awesomeness of this vehicle, and that is the slightly more dropped nose which is inspired by the Shelby GT500.

With all that, we saw lately from muscle cars and Ford, in particular, this one is definitely the most aggressive one and the one with most of the past design woven in its looks. It must bring you back to the past, and you definitely can’t stay indifferent to this one, it’s just a thing of beauty. Chris has, at the moment, finished with the design and is hoping to make this car a reality by looking for investors. We believe that Ford should make this a lot easier and buy off the design from Chris directly and get crackin’. It isn’t going to build itself guys!