Ford Mustang torn to pieces in a car accident

If you started this article with seeing the video and not reading the lines, let us tell you straight up, the guy who wrecked this Mustang is well and alive. Yes, he actually walked away from this accident.

Th person who uploaded the video onto the YouTube stated that the driver only sustained minor injuries to the head and was understandably scared and under a lot of stress but psychically he was almost entirely okay.

Now if you have seen the video we can all agree that this is one of the worst Ford Mustang crashes ever filmed. The every piece of information that we have about this case has come from the video uploader. According to him the Mustang in question was a rental car not owned by the driver who was driving it 60 mph over the speed limit. In the area where car crash happened the speed limit is 30 mph while our reckless driver was going over 90 miles per hour. The exact location is Ballard, Washington.

The video is not long, but you can clearly see that the vehicle is completely annihilated. The scale of the damage is huge, but front end suffered more than the rear. This makes it a real surprise that the driver in question was almost unharmed. It was a real luck that he was driving alone because the passenger seat has disappeared from the picture while the driver’s seat is ok, which is very hard to believe.

The engine is separated from the car and is now resting on the grass as you can see on the video. At the rear, the back seat is still in position tied to the chassis. Let’s say it again; we are astonished that no one was injured in this freakish accident. The rest of the car is scattered in a million pieces and can be found all over the place.

The driver of this car survived, and thank God that he did. But it is of utmost importance for all of us to drive safely. The public roads are called that because of the people, and none of us shouldn’t speed but rather drive in accordance with the speed limit.

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