Ford Mustang – “Tune It! Safe!” Concept Presented

The “Tune It Safe!” concept of the Ford Mustang is presented at the Essen Motor Show. To be honest, this is a terrific police car. Other vehicles such as AC Schnitzer BMW X4 were also transformed into cop cars with similar fantastic results, but that was back in 2014.

This tuned Mustang could remind people of the Barricade. It appears that the European public finds the vehicles that come from the US appealing and that was obvious after the presentation of the C7 Corvette last year.

The name of the new Mustang is the Wolf Wide 5.0. The reason for this is that the tuning specialist Wolf Racing was in charge of the undertaking. Under the hood of this modified vehicle, we have a 5.0-liter V8 engine that produces 455 hp. The top speed is limited to 166 mph, whereas the acceleration is admirable. The tuned Mustang can go from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds.

The 20-inch wheels with Hankook tires are added to the new car. Moreover, the vehicle is equipped with a height-adjustable suspension because of which the tires are much closer to the body. Some other exterior parts that are featured on the upgraded Mustang are front and rear spoilers, side panels, rear wing and rear diffuser and for even better sports note the exhaust is also overhauled.

There is an adequate livery with Hella sirens and blue lights, which transform this muscle car into a real police vehicle. The Ford Mustang will help raise the awareness for the Tune It! Safe! Campaign. This vehicle will do so for a year and follow its predecessors. If you are running away from the police, luckily, this one will not chase you, but still, don’t dare the German police.