Ford Reveals New Car For The Future, And Amazon Is Involved Somehow

Ford Headquarters

Tesla has been making some bold statements lately about all the things they plan to do to further their company. But one of its competitors in the motor industry, Ford has come out saying that it’s not about only making statements. The CEO of Ford, Mark Fields said that his company was not in a race to make announcements but was rather directing its effort towards making its customers and clients lives easier, and also in making a car for the future.

Fields said that the company was aiming to make a combination for the auto and mobility company, and they said that they believed that was a better decision for them as a company. He said that they were not in any way in a race to do what’s right for their customers but to rather instead to do what’s right for business.

Fields were speaking to reporters in an interview at Ford’s research and innovation center located in Palo Alto, California. He described what the future car would look like. He said the innovation involved in the new car excited him very much because it stretched back to the times of Henry Ford.

In 2015, the famously known motor company began to conduct experiments across the globe which were meant to learn more about how it’s customers have received the cars. At the moment, they are currently working on new technology that can be used to connect vehicles, the Internet of Things and also help with autonomous driving capabilities.

Ford is not resting on its laurels; it recently entered a deal with Amazon in January. The partnership sees the motor company use the cloud service to connect customers through so they can interact with their homes from the car. Fields were talking about the world where car owners can turn on the pot roast all straight from their cars. They can turn on the lights, deactivate security alarms and also open the garage door all thanks to the Amazon technology, Alexa, which is Echo powered.

The motor company is also looking into smart parking and how they can incorporate it into the next dream car. The cars would have to be equipped with some sensors which would calculate the parking space, thereby saving customers plenty of time.

Fields said that most cities in the world, 30 percent of the fuel that was wasted by cars was for when looking parking spots. The company is looking at ways to address the problem and became the solution he said.