Foreplay With Escorts In Australia

Has it ever been that you’re lying on a sofa, tired and wishing you didn’t have to work that day…so you skipped work? Or what about not wanting to cook dinner and just ordering a pizza? Isn’t it wonderful when at times we give in to rest? Giving in to desire, at times, is the best.

Now, wouldn’t it be just marvellous if you had someone to share these evenings with? Whenever we hear the word ‘escort’ we automatically think of sex. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. If some unexpected rest in life could feel this good…think what an unexpected evening of foreplay with any one of the escorts listed here might feel like. Restful might not be the perfect word for it, but you sure won’t regret it.

What Do We Mean By Foreplay With Escorts?


Well, foreplay means how two, or more, people engage in before sex and the things they like to do. But you see, when we say foreplay with escorts, we don’t necessarily just mean some sexy and hot time in the bedroom. Just kissing that’ll lead to sex? No, that’s not it. By foreplay, we mean spending the time with an escort in Australia in any way you want…in a way you haven’t spent it before.

Forget just the escorts in Australia, wherever you are, think about it, are escorts only good for sex? More and more people are hiring these accomplished women for so many other reasons now – companionship being something on the top of their minds. Fulfilling their fetishes or kinks being another!

Well, with this article we choose to explore some options on what we could do with some of these beautiful escorts, specifically in Australia. Also, don’t get us wrong, when we say foreplay with escorts we’re not saying sex is completely off the table… it’s just that, there’s just so much more you can do before sex!

Why Engage In Foreplay With An Escort in Australia?


Escorts in Australia are foreplay geniuses. We’re not kidding, a simple Google search will take you to so many stories where escorts talk about how engaging in foreplay will turn them on as well as you. One escort even talked about her experiences with scent fetishes during foreplay. Well, this is why you engage in foreplay with escorts, there’s no limit as to where you have to stop.

All your kinks will find an outlet during foreplay with escorts in Australia. You’ll find new things to engage in together! When you hire an escort, don’t just dive in to have sex with her. Yes, that might be where the actions will lead you to, but don’t make it the only highlight of your time spent together. Foreplay with an escort can be exhilarating as you get a chance to know yourself in the process!

As mentioned above, slacking one evening or ordering the food you like – gives you a peculiar sense of satisfaction… Foreplay with escorts in Australia is the same. If you don’t even know what you like or what you’re looking for, this is your time to find out! Explore her body. You know that it’s next to impossible to find someone as fit or sexy as an escort. It’s her job to adorn her body and make it ready for you.

Can you imagine being with someone as divine? Can you imagine being able to do anything at all that is on your mind? The whole idea is so much fun and exciting! So go on, take your time with some foreplay to see what is it that excites you besides sex!

Some Methods You Could Engage In During Foreplay With Australian Escorts

Sex on the beach is an old favourite for a lot of people, but you don’t necessarily have to do that with an escort in Australia. Well, if you’re travelling and are here for just a few days you might consider it. But do try out some of these other tantalizing methods of foreplay for the most sensuous time ever!

  • Eat fresh fruit, naked

Yes, just eating fruit might not do the trick for a lot of people, including you. But add some chocolate dripping from the freshly cut fruit to your bodies and we have a different picture altogether! Then comes the licking of the chocolate.

Dipping the fruit into the chocolate, passing it from your mouth to the mouth of an Australian escort… it’s extremely alluring, isn’t it? Including something like this in your foreplay with an escort in Australia will satisfy all your senses!

  • Engage in an erotic and sensual massage!

You know, all these edible massage oils and aromatherapy candles do more than just calm your body and soul…they also set the mood for a really good time ahead. Well, of course, with an escort in Australia, it’s given that you’ll expect her to fulfil your fetishes, desires and satisfy your needs. But does that mean you won’t need a proper setting?

Get those candles burning, take your favourite scented oil out because a massage is an essential part of the whole process… especially if you’re into GFE or the Girlfriend Experience. You want to feel wanted and secure in this experience and you also want to do something for the Australian escort. Trying to give her a sensual massage, setting the mood and then slowly undressing her will make for excellent foreplay!


Foreplay can be amazing to add to your experience with an escort in Australia. The escorts are well aware that they’re expected to please you so they won’t mind if you don’t put in the effort. But these women of beauty and appeal, if pleased, can shower all their longing on you.

If you go that extra mile and try to make this experience pleasurable for her as well, you will find a connection with an escort in Australia. You’ll be comfortable if you treat her adoringly and likely to have the best time of your life!