Former WWE Star Voices His Opinion On Reigns vs. Cena


Ever since leaving the company, Ryback has had some success on the indy scene as guys that leave the WWE are always big attractions because a lot of people know them. They are big draws on the indy scene, and The Big Guy has done very well for himself. The fans also listen to his podcast as it is one of the more popular ones that wrestling stars have. He always voices his opinions.

Whether or not the fans appreciate what this guy says, there is no doubt that it is always interesting to see what stars that have been working for the WWE say about the company. Today, men and women that are working there are, of course, not always honest about their feelings about their employer and the place that is paying them to wrestle. But, guys like Ryback that don’t have to worry about that and they can say whatever they feel.


Ryback was honest when he stated that he is not watching Raw or Smackdown these days, but that he was interested in that Reigns and Cena segment that was so popular. Here is what he had to say about what happened two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw.

“I went and watched it after just to see, and I thought it was really good. I enjoyed the whole thing. Yeah, no, I just think it was about time they do a promo on things of what people really think or whatnot, so I thought it was entertaining on all accounts, and I know they mentioned something, they say they thought Reigns forgot his lines. I didn’t see in there where he forgot his lines. People pause and take their time all the time on different situations and whatnot, but yeah, no, I like Roman Reigns.