Former WWE Superstar Gives Major Props To The Miz


There is no doubt that there is almost nobody that benefited more from the brand split than The Miz. He took his game to another level as soon as he landed on Smackdown Live. It’s really hard to argue that he wasn’t the best heel not only on the blue brand but on the main roster overall. They gave him the IC title, and he made it look more important than it did for a long time.

The Miz was at his best when he had the mic in his hands. Some of the best promos of his career came in the past year after Maryse re-joined him. His former colleague in the WWE, the MVP, recognizes The Miz as one of the guys that always gave his all to the business as well as the wrestler who always worked hard for everything that he had and never complaining about anything.

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“I’ll give you an example of the Miz. Very successful, very talented, has reached the highest highs, and I have the utmost respect for him. ‘Cause when we were in developmental down in deep south, you had guys that been around, been a few places who were moaning and complaining about the training. I never heard Mike Mizanin complain not once. Ever. He ran the miles, the squats, the bumps (and) never complained about anything.”

This just shows how big of a pro The Miz really is. You can’t remain relevant in the WWE for as long as The Miz has been if you don’t reinvent yourself time and time again while also putting in the hard work that is needed in order to stay at the top. That’s what Mike Mizanin has done and MVP recognizes that.