Fortinet Inc (FTNT) Named Top Rated Security Product in AV-Comparatives’ December “Summary Report 2013”

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 27, 2014 – Fortinet® (NASDAQ: FTNT) – a world leader in high-performance network security – today announced the company’s advanced threat protection (ATP) technology (FortiGuard) was named a Top Rated Product in AV-Comparatives’ December 2013 “Summary Report 2013.” The technology, which is used in the company’s network security (FortiGate) and endpoint solution (FortiClient), received a perfect three out of three stars for Proactive Catch Rate, Anti-Phishing, File Detection, Malware Removal and Real World Test. Throughout the year, FortiClient was tested against 21 other antivirus clients from multiple countries for their ability to block malicious software and not block legitimate content. Download the full report with results and testing methodology from:

About AV-Comparatives’ Summary Reports

At the end of every year, AV-Comparatives releases a summary report to comment on the various antivirus products tested over the year and to highlight the high-scoring products of the various tests. This report looks at all the comparative tests of 2013. Comments and conclusions are based on the results shown in the various comparative test reports of AV-Comparatives, as well as from observations made during the tests.

All of the participating applications have been tested for their ability to protect against real-world Internet threats, identify thousands of recent malicious programs, and provide protection without slowing down the PC. Additionally, optional tests evaluated how well the products could remove malware from an infected PC, block new and unknown threats, and protect the user against phishing attacks. While all of the applications under test reached an acceptable level overall, some applications performed better than others, and AV-Comparatives’ awards recognize the best results in each test and overall.

“Fortinet FortiClient is aimed at business users and so some aspects of the program, such as the manual, differ from those found in typical consumer programs,” said Andreas Clementi, CEO and Founder of AV-Comparatives. “Nonetheless, we found the program to be easy to use on a desktop PC, with important features easily accessible and clear malware alerts that do not require user decisions. We feel the consistent use of browser-based warnings for all Web-based threats is simple and reassuring for the user.”

About Fortinet’s Antivirus Engine

The critical element of Fortinet’s antivirus engine is its ability to decode and track behaviors of polymorphic, encrypted and packed malware in real time. Commonly used by authors of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), these evasion techniques can enable advanced malware to bypass other detection engines. To detect and block unknown threats, Fortinet has developed a proprietary signature match processor that uses a unique and patent-pending Compact Pattern Recognition Language (CPRL) to detect as many as 50,000 different viruses with a single signature in some scenarios. Fortinet has also developed a propriety binary emulation engine that allows its antivirus engine to detect new malware and variants, regardless of whether a detection signature exists. This enables the engine to detect much of today’s advanced malware threats, even those that use sophisticated evasion techniques like polymorphism and encryption to avoid detection from other AV products.

Protecting Against Today’s Advanced Persistent Threats

Fortinet’s proactive antivirus engine is a component of a broader advanced malware and APT defense:

  • FortiGuard Web/Email Filtering: prevents delivery of malware via known web sites, email senders, phishing campaigns and more using a range or reputation, content inspection and other techniques
  • FortiGuard IPS/Application Control: blocks malicious applications and traffic that may serve as a malware delivery vehicle
  • FortiGuard Antivirus Engine: identifies known malware, and variants of malware families, using one-to-many signatures, advanced heuristics and other techniques
  • FortiGuard Analytics/FortiSandbox: identifies previously unknown malware through code emulation, execution in a contained virtual environment and more, either in the cloud or on-premise
  • FortiGuard Botnet Database: prevents remote command and control communications based on up-to-date information about IP reputations

  • Fortinet’s antimalware technology is part of the suite of security services developed and maintained by the company’s global FortiGuard Labs research team, which delivers industry-leading advanced malware threat protection for a wide range of Fortinet products, including FortiGate®, FortiWeb™, FortiMail®, FortiCarrier™, FortiCache™ and FortiClient® products. The technology is also found at the heart of Fortinet’s FortiOS 5.

    These technologies are developed and updated by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs, a world-class security team that monitors the threat landscape and ensures Fortinet customers are continuously informed and protected against today’s most modern threats. Consisting of more than 150 dedicated research analysts, FortiGuard helps protect customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The team discovers new third party threats and then delivers rapid signature updates and detailed security knowledge designed to provide practically instant protection from new and emerging threats. In a typical week, the FortiGuard team adds or updates approximately 1.4 million antivirus, intrusion prevention (IPS) and antispam signatures. Additionally, FortiGuard has made more than 150 zero day discoveries in the last three years and actively collaborates with non-government and governmental organizations.