Fossil Reveals Latest Android Smartwatches and Their Release Date

Fossil Q Watches

The Fossil brand was founded in 1984, selling vintage style watches, wallets, sunglasses, handbags, belts and other accessories. The company owns many other brands such as MISFIT, Arrow merchandise, and Skagen. They are best known for their vintage style watches that come in a huge variety. One big new innovation that is driving change in the watch industry is smart watches, Apple being the big kick off with their Apple watch. The surprising number of Apple Watch sales lead other companies such as Samsung to produce some as well, and this includes Fossil.

Recently Fossil also began their lineup of smart watches which have been dubbed the the Q smartwatches, the only Q watch available for purchase is the Q founder. Today Fossil announced that they will be releasing the Q wander and Q Marshal smartwatches, and that they would be available for pre-order August 12th. Expected in stores by August 29th. The starting price for both is set at $295.

Both Q models will be running Android, that means they will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The circular screen touch screen will have a diameter of 4.5 cm, it will also come with, interchangeable bands, and the casing will be made of steel, you will also get the option of choosing between a silicon, leather, and stainless steel bands. Since the Q watches will be running Android, they will feature all the functionality and features you would expect on an Android device, such as notifications, a wide selection of watch faces, google fit, and other various features. Although it is compatible with iOS it will have some say flaws are likely, for example, ,you can’t respond to a text message or use voice commands.