Frozen 2 New Characters Teased


The most popular movies today are those that are related to superheroes as well as sci-fi sagas such as Star Wars. However, Disney animated films always receive critical acclaim and are adored all around the world. That was the case with Frozen which was released in 2013 and a lot of people still talk about Anna and Elsa. Frozen 2 arrives in two years time, and Kristen Bell hinted at new characters.

She talked about her character Anna and mentioned some new characters as well: “I will say this. I have read it, I have recorded it. It changes every now and again. It’s VERY good.

“I’m excited about the fact that Jen Lee, the director, and I had a very long conversation. So they had just taken their trip to Norway, the directors and the producers, and they basically just take the entire culture in. And make this big sort of fun home movie. [They] take all of those elements and say ‘What story needs to be told?’ And she is so genius. She had journaled, as the characters, for months to try and figure out [what they’d say]. She’s like, ‘What do we want to say?’ And then she’s just journaling as Elsa, just journaling as Anna. We sat down and she said ‘within this context, what do you think Anna would be feeling right now, in this stage of her life?’”


“One thing I will say, there are a couple new characters that you will fall in love with. That thing I feel like I can say safely,” she added.

From her response, we can conclude that the dialogue for the new film is already finished, but there is always a possibility for the things to change. However, Frozen 2 is going along well, and there shouldn’t be a delay. In the meantime, Jennifer Lee, who wrote the first movie, is going to be writer and co-director for the sequel. Even though Frozen is a movie for a younger population, Lee devotes a lot of her time to developing both Elsa and Anna so that the adults can also enjoy the film.

According to Kristen Bell, we should expect the new exciting characters in Frozen 2, but she wouldn’t reveal since it is too early. Frozen 2 debuts in 2019. Follow us for more details.