Garrett Praises Dak Prescott For His Performance Against Green Bay

Dallas won’t participate in the NFC championship game. You can blame that on some of the decisions that team has made during the game, or you can blame Aaron Rodgers and Matt Crosby who were just sensational on that Sunday afternoon, but you can’t blame Cowboys’ signal caller Dak Prescott.

He was spectacular on Sunday, going toe-to-toe with all mighty Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, getting his squad back in the match from 15 points down and almost playing the role of a hero in Dallas’ 34:31 loss to Green Bay.

Prescott made a mistake on that screen pass that got picked off by Micah Hyde, but he made up for it as he led the team to two touchdown drives and tied the game at 28. He was able to pass for 302 yards and three touchdowns, with only one turnover.

Everyone, including Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett, was impressed with Dak Prescott.

“He was fantastic, “Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said after the match. “I thought he handled the situation well. When you’re down 21:3, it’s easy to start getting out of yourself and doing things that are uncharacteristic.”

Twittersphere was calling for Tony Romo and Prescott probably felt the pressure to play better after Dallas’ bad start, but the rookie never panicked and put on a show.

Dallas made the mistake of stopping the clock with under one minute left to play in the game. That gave a chance to Aaron Rodgers to play a hero role that was perfectly set up for Prescott. Rodgers took the gift of 35 seconds that Garrett gave him and eliminated Prescott and his Cowboys.