Geneva Motor Show Is The Best In The World And Here Is Why

The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show is a few weeks away, and we will see some beautiful vehicles at one of the biggest and most important events in the auto industry. The lineup for the 87th Geneva is promising, and it will be a refreshment after Detroit and Chicago, which were not too successful. The auto shows in Detroit and Chicago were not bad, but what we get in Geneva is at another level, and we can confidently say that this one is the best annual auto show in the world. Here is why.

Geneva is Neutral and Fascinating

In Switzerland, you will not find a domestic carmaker, and some of you might say what about the Rinspeed? It is hard to call Rinspeed a real manufacturer since it produces concepts with the whole living room inside and they never have a car in production. Whoever shows up in Geneva is a foreigner, which means that there is no domestic influence and domestic cars will not be favored.

For example, when Honda/Acura presented the long-anticipated NSX in Detroit 2015, Ford managed to steal the show with its GT. Both vehicles are amazing indeed, but the publicity was in favor of the domestic manufacturer. This will never happen in Switzerland.

Geneva as a city is purely fascinating. It is located between the Alps and the Jura mountains, and you will find so many people from different cultures who speak different languages. Furthermore, the rich history makes this city even more gorgeous, and everyone who comes here will definitely enjoy.

The Lineup

In Chicago, earlier this year, we had a chance to see special editions of various vehicles, but it turned out that these were not so special after all. Some auto shows have a theme, but not the one in Geneva. In Geneva, you can see affordable and simple vehicles, but you can also find luxurious supercars. Some of the carmakers such as Ferrari, Pagani, and McLaren seem to favor this show, but there are many others that also like to come here.

Significant Debuts

Every year, manufacturers try to introduce new models which will wow the crowd. Last year in Geneva some of the debuts included the Rimac Concept_One, Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport, Porsche 911 R, Aston Martin DB11, Koenigsegg Regera and Bugatti Chiron. All of these were unveiled at the same event!


Sometimes, carmakers across the world surprise you here. Before the official unveils, the new vehicles are teased throughout series of photos or videos which reveal a very small part of the car. We could see a small carmaker presents a fascinating car we have not expected to see which proves that this is the place where surprises happen.

Attention and Publicity

Geneva Motor Show is so splendid that even the smaller manufacturers like Koenigsegg from Sweden get enough attention from the media and public. Some of the larger producers like Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin present concepts and vehicles that produce 1,000 – 1,500 horsepower and worth millions and these cars also get the attention they deserve.

Quality, not Quantity

The Geneva Motor Show is a large event, and even some other places such as Chicago are much bigger we are getting some impressive introductions. However, if there is a choice, there is no doubt that one should visit this city and the reason for this is that only the best vehicles are unveiled, and every car you see will sweep you off your feet.

Timing and Conclusion

The Geneva Motor Shows starts in March, which is the perfect timing for the carmakers to prepare their vehicles for what is coming later in the year. This is the place where manufacturers present their big projects and production cars since the timing is just right. Probably the only downside is that the city is rather expensive and if you want to visit Geneva Motor Show you need a good financial plan.