Gerard Butler had an motorcycle accident in LA and was hospitalized!?

Do not worry fans, Gerard is actually OK, and he is recuperating well after he sustained minor injuries when he fell off his bike. Gerard is a seasoned biker and as we managed to find out the accident isn’t his fault. Apparently, according to a TMZ report, a car had run him off the road by cutting him off, somewhere in LA, after which he was rushed to a nearby hospital for an evaluation.

This 47-year-old actor was in LA for a promotion of his new sci-fi climate-change thriller, co-starring Abbie Cornish, when the accident happened. A tough guy as he is, he had to be treated for only minor cuts and bruises, and he thankfully did not broke any bones in his body, which means he can continue his promotion. A stroke of mad luck or a moment of focus and clear mind in which he managed to pull himself out of the bad situation, we will never know because, when asked how is he and what happened, Gerard decided to answer very shortly with just “fine.” We will take it for now, but we will expect more from you sooner or later.

What is even more interesting is that this is not his first accident, and if you do not recall, in 2011 he was in a surfing accident that happened over at North Carolina. The sea that day wasn’t kind to him, and a set of huge waves managed to pull him underwater and slam him to a rocky reef, during the filming of his surfing movie Of Men and Mavericks. Once again he was rushed to a hospital, dazed that time, but even then he managed to pull out without any substantial injuries. Gerard is sort of a daredevil, which he admitted himself in an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers by saying that he even injected himself with bee venom — twice!

“I don’t know what I was thinking” stated Butler when he told a story about his visit to his nutritionist when he had some painful inflammation. “He goes, ‘check this out! This is probably about 2.3 bee stings.’ And he gives me a shot in the arm,” and Butler said that it made him feel fine so he decided to have more “So he gives me another ten! Basically 23 bee stings,” and thanks to that he nearly died after having the “worst” allergy reactions ever that led to the swollen arms and chest pains. Thankfully once again everything turned out good, but we have a small piece of advice for you Gerard. Stop pushing your luck, you just might run out of it!

Accidents happen each day and for motorcycle riders, getting proper safety gear is essential. The helmet is probably the most crucial part and to avoid serious injuries like Butler had, you can check out First Checkpoint for top helmet recommendations.

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