Can you get Copper Toxicity from ParaGard?

ParaGard is an intrauterine device (IUD) which provides birth-control. It is a lesser-known form of contraception that doesn’t use or affect hormones.

How effective is ParaGard? Is ParaGard safe? Some people who have opted for this form of prevention claimed that they suffered the complications when they tried to remove the device. In the article below, we will talk about ParaGard side effects, but also the lawsuit process.

What is ParaGard IUD and How Does It Work

As we’ve stated, ParaGard is a device that provides birth-control. It is a T-shaped plastic frame that you need to insert into the uterus. The IUD device is wrapped in the copper wire which produces an inflammatory reaction.

This reaction is toxic for both sperm and the egg and it is impossible to get pregnant. Using the ParaGard IUD is an effective method of prevention and once you insert it, it can work up to 10 years.

According to Mayo Clinic, there is a large number of benefits ParaGard IUD offers:

  1. Once it is inserted, you can enjoy with your partner without the need to interrupt sex in order to put a condom, for example.
  2. ParaGard is the long-term solution and offers protection up to 10 years.
  3. It can be removed any time and most women do remove it after a few years, once they are ready to have a kid.

These all sound great, but using ParaGard isn’t as smooth as you may think. This type of prevention definitely isn’t for everyone. Your care provider may discourage you from getting ParaGard IUD, especially if you have a pelvic infection, uterine or cervical cancer, unexpected vaginal bleeding or any allergic reaction to any of the components of ParaGard.

This is why it is important to consult with your health care provider before opting for this device.

ParaGard IUD Removal Complications

Even though the device is said to be safe for a majority of the users, that may not be entirely true. In fact, the problem wasn’t sudden pregnancy or any other complication during the active use of ParaGard. The problem was in the removal phase.

People reported the following complications:

  • Fractured or broken IUD
  • Pieces of the IUD still embedded upon removal
  • Hysterectomy
  • The need of the invasive surgery to remove all the pieces

These four complications are not all that exist, but they are by far the most common. If you’ve had any of the above-mentioned issues, you can always contact Timothy L. Miles, ParaGard Lawyer to learn more about a potential lawsuit.

ParaGard Removal Side Effects

We’ve mentioned the complications that can occur with the devices, but what happens with the person who’s had the ParaGard removed? And how does the removal process work?

ParaGard IUD is removed by your healthcare providers. Even when the device is successfully removed, you can expect some side effects such as bleeding between periods, cramping and slight pain. However, these shouldn’t last for a long time and they are completely normal.

However, the biggest concern is having parts of the device left broken inside your uterus. They can cause various kinds of infections, pain and extensive bleeding. Broken pieces can migrate to other organs wreaking havoc.

The massive problem with ParaGard is that if there are pieces of it left, an invasive surgery must be performed in order to remove the leftovers. Ironically, infertility may be one of consequences of the surgery.

Can you get Copper Toxicity?

The only way for you to get copper toxicity from ParaGard is if you have Wilson Disease. This is a rare condition that is genetic and people with this condition shouldn’t insert the device in the first place. If you are a healthy individual, you cannot get copper toxicity from ParaGard IUD. The complications are mostly related to the removal of the device.

ParaGard IUD Lawsuits

We’ve talked enough about the device and the health issues that its removal may cause. Let’s see why people file lawsuits and whether you are eligible to file one or not.

First of all, removal complication can cause distress, hefty medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages and other damages caused directly and indirectly. Luckily, the people who had any complications should consider filing a ParaGard IUD removal side effects Lawsuit and get compensated for their pain.

There is an increasing number of people who are coming forward, claiming that their quality of life has decreased after ParaGard removal. Although the matter is delicate and people might be questioning whether they should talk about it to someone, you can always put your trust in our lawyers’ hands and we will do everything to make matter right.

Consult With the Lawyers

Whether you can or cannot file a lawsuit is something you need to check with your lawyer. A large number of offices will offer give you a free consultation to estimate if the lawsuit is possible or not and help you with the next step.

During the consultation, you will need to answer some questions regarding your experience in using ParaGard, insertion and removal, your healthcare provider, etc. These pieces of information are vital for the lawyers to create a lawsuit that will be impossible to lose.


There’s no doubt that ParaGard IUD is an effective type of birth control. The biggest benefit of ParaGard IUD is that it is hormone-free, but there are still potential side effects that can be devastating, as we have indicated.

For those people who have had issues with ParaGard IUD, we encourage to contact their respective lawyers and file lawsuits. If you want to use any contraception, you can always consider some other methods.

Last but not least, if you are considering ParaGard IUD, you don’t have to worry about copper toxicity. But, do take into consideration all the removal side effects and consult with your healthcare provider to find you the best contraceptive method for you.