How long does it take to get your full G license in Ontario?

A G license is a driver’s license in Ontario, and it can be obtained by following a three-step process, i.e., by acquiring the G1 and G2 license, which is also a driver’s license for beginners with several restrictions. To obtain this driver’s license, you must pass the driving test and wait for a minimum period to upgrade your license to the next level.

You can easily clear the driving test by getting into a driving school or by solving practice test papers online to get an idea about the questions asked in the actual written test. Click here to solve practice test papers online from the ideal platform that allows you to practice from hundreds of questions that are similar to the actual written test. Study faster and efficiently for your G1 written test and pass in a single attempt.

Steps to get your full G license in Ontario

Step 1: Take the G1 Driving Test

The first step in getting a full G license in Ontario is by giving the G1 Driving Test. The G1 license is for beginners with several restrictions who want to drive their car legally in Ontario. The G1 driving test consists of two rounds, i.e., the written test and the vision test. To give the G1 driving test, you must be 16 years or above.

The G1 driving test is divided into two sections of 20 questions, each Part A, which consists of questions regarding the road signs, and Part B consists of questions related to the rules of the road. You are allowed to make only four mistakes in each section. To pass the exam, you must answer 16 questions correctly in each section.

All the information you need to clear the G1 driving test can be available in the MTO driver handbook provided by the driving schools or can be available online. You can also practice online practice test papers to get yourself acquainted with the test pattern of the test.

Taking a driver’s education course from a driving institute approved and regulated by the ministry. It will allow you to obtain your G2 license after 8 months rather than 12 months; it will also prepare you for the G2 road test. Also, taking a driver’s education course will save money on the insurance that you have to pay in the first few years.

There are several restrictions to be followed while driving with a G1 license. Once you have a strong command of your driving skills, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Take the G2 driving test

The next step in acquiring the G license is by getting a G2 license. A G2 license is an up-gradation to the G1 license with reduced restrictions. Now you can drive your vehicle unaccompanied without any supervision.

After 12 months (8 months if you took driving lessons from an approved driving school by the ministry) of giving your G1 driving written test, you can book an appointment for appearing in the G2 driving road test to get your G2 license. If you want to get the G2 driving license sooner, then book for the G2 driving test before time because you might have to wait for a couple of weeks to get the road test.

The G2 driving test is designed to test your driving skills and the application of the knowledge related to road signs and rules of the road. The test lasts around 20 minutes and will be performed only on local roads. You have to bring your car for the test, or you can borrow one from the driving school. The examiner will instruct you from easy to moderate manoeuvres.

Make sure you are acquainted with the features of the car, its controls, how to adjust the seats and mirrors etc. To pass the G2 road test on the first attempt, make sure you have enough practice and follow the examiner’s instructions carefully. After the test, the examiner will give you his feedback based on which you will get your results. If you pass, then congratulations, you have upgraded your license to G2. If somehow you don’t clear the road test, you can reappear after taking 10 days of break from the test.

Now you are 12 months away to reach the final step.

Step 3: Take the G driving test

The final step in acquiring a G license in Ontario is taking the G driving test and passing the test. The rules for the G driving road test are similar to the G2 driving test with advanced manoeuvres. If you pass the test, then you can get your full G license, and if you fail, then you can reappear for the test. Hopefully, you get enough to practise before the G driving test.

Final Words

The graduated licensing system in Ontario consists of three licenses, i.e., G1, G2 and G license. The G1 license is for beginners with several restrictions, and you can acquire a G1 license by passing the G1 driving test once you are 16 years old.

The G2 license is an upgrade to the G1 license with lesser restrictions and can be obtained after 12 months (8 months if you took driving lessons from an approved driving school by the ministry) of driving practice with a G1 license. To acquire a G2 license, you have to give the driving test again and have to pass the test to obtain a G2 license.

The last is the G license for the expert drivers that can be acquired after 12 months of obtaining the G2 license. To acquire the G license, you have to give the driving test again, and if you pass, you can get a G license.

From the time you pass your G1 driving test, you have a maximum time of 5 years to acquire the G license. In case you fail to obtain your G license, you have to start the process again and have to take the G1 driving test again. Hence it can take from 20 months to 5 years to get your full G license in Ontario.