Giants Snap Cowboys’ Winning Steak In Offensive Slugfest


Well, everyone thought that this game would likely be a high-scoring contest and that we’ll get the chance to watch an exciting offensive duel. In the end, we saw a slugfest between two of the best NFC teams. Dallas has won twelve straight games coming into Week 14, but that streak is now over.

After going scoreless in the first half, Giants were down by 7 going into the break. They had a great time in the third period of the game as they scored 10 points, the only points of the game that they put up on the board. Eli found Odell Beckham Jr. for a 61 yard TD in the third quarter, and that was the turning point of the match. Cowboys’ defense got exposed on that play and showed that their weakness is the defensive side of the ball.


But, the offense didn’t help much in this game as Prescott went just 17/37 passing the ball. Elliot did have a good game with 207 rushing yards as he was the reason that New York didn’t put up more points and that the Giants offense was sitting on the sidelines much more than Cowboys‘ offense. But, in the end, it wasn’t enough,

New York Giants are still in the race for the divisional crown, but they’ll need Dallas’ collapse in order to surpass their rivals. On the other hand, even though the Cowboys lost, they are still in a great position to keep the home-field advantage in the Playoffs. Seahawks losing also helps.