New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Eagles – Week 16 Picks And Predictions


Boy did these two teams have a different start to the season. While the Giants struggled in the first five weeks as they ended up winning only two out of five duels in that time span, the Eagles, on the other hand, were off to a flying start.

A lot of things have changed since that time. Giants’ defense rose to the occasion in the second half of the season and has led this team to a 10-4 score and a Playoff spot. As for the Eagles, well, they struggled to win a game ever since that 3-0 start, and they managed to add only two victories to their scoresheet. Both of those wins since that good start were more about their opponents being bad rather than them playing good football.

New York’s defense has elevated this squad from a Playoff team to a serious Super Bowl threat. With two big wins in a row under their belt, they are ready to conquer the Eagles in Philly. Philly’s offensive line is struggling to protect the quarterback or block for their backs. Giants’ defense should be able to exploit their weaknesses.


Giant’s offense hasn’t been that impressive in the past couple of games, but Odell Beckham Jr. is always dangerous while giving this team a good puncher’s chance even against the big teams.

This New York squad can do big things in the postseason. But first, they need to focus on their current task and the Philadephia Eagles. This defense will shut down Carson Wentz and lead the Giants to a 24:13 victory.