Girl puts Zac Efron’s head over her boyfriend’s using photoshop

It’s like this new era of the Internet, apps and mobile phones daily contribute to our healing in some sense. Even break-ups tend to get easier while using social networks. The very example of this is Ann Woodward, who is only 19 years old. She decided to make the best of her pictures from holiday, which she took with her ex-boyfriend, and photoshopped them using Zac Efron’s head.

Upon breaking up with her boyfriend, Ann was absolutely devastated. She wanted to erase everything that reminded her of him in order take the break-up more easily, but when she stumbled upon some pictures they took when traveling together, she found an interesting solution.

As she was already a big fan of Zac Efron, she found a solution to combine her grief with something that gave her pleasure. On every image, she took together with her boyfriend she put Zac Efron’s face over his.

We have all suffered at some point in our lives. We have all been faced with hardships of getting over our true and biggest love. And we managed to find some way, our own way, to surpass the grief and sadness. Baylee’s way was quite an unusual one, but it served the purpose. This act of her was both surprising and full of bravery. It could also be seen as the highest level of revenge because, let’s face it, every girl in the world would die for having Zac by her side. Just imagine that sight, riding off with Zac Efron down the beach sinking into the sunset. Her ex-boyfriend surely did not take this with ease.

Perhaps Baylee will never get the chance to meet Zac Efron in person, but she made some of her dreams come true. And she became a sensation on social networks. At least, she will have something to keep her attention from the sad thoughts. Well done girl!