Are We Going To See Broken Matt Hardy Soon?

The fans that were watching Wrestlemania live in Orlando erupted when Jeff and Matt Hardy made their long-awaited return to the WWE. Everybody knew that they are going to win the title when they came back as you can’t have them return without making a huge noise. But, the fans were expecting to see them broken. They returned as the Team Extreme.

There is no doubt that the company would have had them broken right from the get-go if they could have done that. The TNA company has the rights to that gimmick, so they had to be regular Jeff and Matt Hardy at Wrestlemania. With that being said, there are rumors that WWE is trying to do a deal with TNA Impact Wrestling in order for them to appear as broken on WWE TV, or at least for the fans to see Broken Matt on Monday Night Raw.


If all goes well, they Matt Hardy will soon be broken, and the team will likely split up after that happens. As soon as the company acquires the rights to this gimmick, Team Extreme is going to lose the WWE Tag Team titles. The only question is whether or not the writers want to make this a storyline and for it to be Matt’s slow turn into the broken act, or will he just come out like he did in TNA and other promotions.

Money lies behind that gimmick, so it’s not a surprise that Vince McMahon is talking with Impact Wrestling in hopes of making a deal. He doesn’t like having anything to do with TNA as he has always considered them a big rival, even though he doesn’t want to admit that publicly. The fact that he is willing to talk to competition is a sign of how much he wants Broken Matt on WWE TV.