Goldberg By Mistake Saying “Belt” Instead Of “Title”


On the recent Edge and Christian’s Pod Of Awesomeness, hosted by the two former WWE superstars, Goldberg made an appearance and talked about his return to the WWE and his relationship with the chairman himself, Vince McMahon. He also made a remark on the list of words that superstars are supposed and not supposed to say.

In this interview, Goldberg used the word “belt” when he spoke about his WWE Universal Championship, a word that Vince McMahon doesn’t like to hear from his talent. He thinks that the championship is losing its value when it is referred as the belt instead as the “title.”

“I took the belt, pardon me. I took the title, the WWE Universal title. Yeah, I forgot a lot of things in 13 years. There’s a list of words, man. I didn’t make it up.”


There is no doubt about the fact that the company is scripting their guys to say things a certain way. A lot of superstars can’t be themselves and are held back with what they are saying in promos, not as much in interviews, but it happens there as well.

When Goldberg was asked about the difference between this run with the World Wrestling Entertainment and his first run when he joined the roster after WCW got bought out, the Master of Spear and The Jackhammer said that his relationship with Vince McMahon makes all the difference now. Also, Goldberg added that he wishes that he had this kind of relationship with the chairman himself when he had his initial run with the biggest wrestling company in the world.