Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens – Fastlane PPV Picks And Predictions

Kevin Owens has been booked poorly in the past couple of months as he was more of a comedy act with Chris Jericho than a real champion. He was not presented as a true threat to everybody on the roster and hasn’t been the KO that we all knew in NXT and on the main roster before he and Jericho paired up.

The comedy with the two was good, at least it was for the majority of the time, but it was a bit overdone, and the Universal title looked less important than, for example, The list of Jericho. Now, they decided to book Owens like a real champion just three weeks before the Fastlane PPV. His opening promo on the last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw is also good and worthy of the title that he has.

But, we know what the WWE is doing here. Now, people might think that Kevin Owens has a shot against the Goldberg. Just two weeks ago, everybody thought that KO was going to get squashed. WWE is now trying to fool everybody by making Owens look good and strong, so the match at Fastlane with Goldberg is more interesting.

There is no way that Goldberg gets to squash and dominate Brock Lesnar and that he doesn’t do the same thing to Owens. So, we see two things happening here. We either gonna see Owens getting beaten in two minutes max by Goldberg, or Samoa Joe and Triple H are somehow going to helping Kevin Owens to retain the title. Either way, this is not going to be a long segment of the PPV.

Our pick is going to be Goldberg easily squashing Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar coming out for a big staredown while someone points to the Wrestlemania sign.