Google Adds Calendar Reminders Feature to the Web

Google Calendar Reminders

Google added a to-do function for reminders, back in December, which allowed users to perform their productivity actions on different platforms. The function was added for Reminders on the Google calendar of iOS and Android apps. Finally, calendar reminders is now available for web users of the app also.

The reminder is basically there to amplify the Google calendars to do list function, thus allowing you to see calendar reminders and create tasks according to the time you put them.  The Google calendar features include creating tasks and now, encompass seeing reminders on the top of the Google Calendar page, which is advertently put there until the day you finally decide to complete the task.

Tasks can be created in the Gmail inbox, Google Keep, or the calendar. The reminder is supposed to haunt you until the day you eventually complete the task you are expected to do.

Most people were juggling Google Calendar with some of the available to-do apps accessible on the internet. Some of the few reputable to do apps include, AnyList, ToDoist, Wunderlist, and Others have been creative enough to put sticky notes on the case of their phones as a physical reminder of what they have to do.

The Google Calendar Reminder feature is regarded to be a small but remarkably handy feature that is available on the web. It is mostly useful for all people especially all the ones who lose their phones at some point.

The Reminders have been rolling out across all Google properties over the last year. The updates started in Gmail’s Inbox app; Google then added the feature to keep and now they can also be seen on Calendar.

With the added feature of the Web, it means that Google has incorporated most of its core organization apps with the Reminder feature. Gmail, however, is yet to receive the feature, but Google might just add it on next time.