Google Allo is Already a Popular Application

Google released their new application earlier this week and it has already been downloaded more than million times. This is their latest instant message and chat application, but the exact number of downloads is unknown. Although some would say that Google Allo has become popular quickly, remember that Google Duo has had 5 million downloads in just ten days.

The Preview version of Google Assistant is available in Goggle Allo, which in some of its aspects looks like an upgraded version of Google Now. If there is something you need to ask or something is unclear to you, Google Assistant will answer your questions. Moreover, the application can provide regular information about weather conditions.

“Google Factor” is one of the reasons why there are so many downloads. . To be more specific, it is because this technology giant is so popular, the hype is attached to the new application and most people choose to download it.

In addition to Google Allo, there are two more applications designed by Google for text messaging. First of all, there is Google Messenger. It uses your SIM number and it’s only designed for smartphones. The second application is Google Hangouts. It is based on a Gmail address, but it can include the smartphone number. With this application, you can send instant messages, besides voice and video calling service.

There is, of course, the most recent Google Allo which uses together Google Account and mobile number. It is not the best option when it comes to SMS messages, and if you are more of a person who texts, Google Messenger is the best solution out of three.

Google Assistant is what people are most excited about because they will be able to experiment with it. It is not yet established where Google will go with Google Allo and what kind of updates will be offered. It seems that Google Hangouts are used more for business and new Google Allo is made for more relaxed conversations. Among the free applications in the Google Play Store, Google Allo has the most downloads.