Google and Apple not interested in acquiring Twitter

Inside sources have revealed that Google will not be part of the company that will bid for Twitter. The company has been speculated to be among those that will love to bid for the social network since it loves playing the social communication field. But according to the insider, the company has not in any way signified that it was interested in the deal.

Different sources who have been spoken to also said Apple should not be included in the list of companies to bid for Twitter, indicating that the social network should not expect bids from the company.

The news of Twitter being up for sale as began by Salesforce who also showed interest in getting its hands on the social media which sparked up reports that a bidding process has already been started with bankers being hired. This it was later said was a gimmick by bankers to hype up the sale of the social network so that the price will go up.

This is not to say that the bid for the acquisition of Twitter is not going on as is being reported. As it stands, Salesforce is the most aggressive bidder wit Disney and other players in media, telecom and private equity bidding as well.

Twitter from every angle is worth the chase when you think of the huge data that they have to themselves as well as its digital distribution that is worldwide. Although those at the helm of affairs of Twitter have not been able to do much with the social network, many are of the opinion that when the company links with a larger company, its full potential will be maximised.

This is why when the rumor that Lazard has been sent by Google to take a look at Twitter bid, the media went agog. Since Google and Apple have not indicated interest in getting Twitter, this goes to say that Facebook will not be interested as well.

From the look of things, there won’t be much sense in Google acquiring Twitter. Google was only robbed into the situation because it was viewed as the most contender Twitter will have. Google as reported earlier have not been successful in the attempts it has made in social media and this was why many assumed that the company will be interested in the deal so as to use it to boost its YouTube since Snapchat and Facebook joined in the competition.

That Google did not bid on Twitter does not mean that they have lost hope in consumer communication. After all, the company just made two new apps – Allo: a messaging app that makes use of artificial intelligence, and Duo which is a video app that is like a FaceTime, which showed that the company is getting a hand on the mobile messaging that it previously had been lagging behind.

Apple has also been said to be more interested in flagging off consumer products at the moment with social network being in the least of its priority.