Google Can Be Surprised, Nexus 6 Is A Proof Of That

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Even search engine giant can sometimes fail to estimate how will one device go on the market. That is exactly what happened with their Motorola made Nexus 6 device. Initially, they didn’t have high expectations, but even after all that time it is considered to be one of the best devices, if not the best, from Nexus lineup.

In the first few months, users were just ok with it, but later on, as the time passed, we could hear more and more positive comments on it. For many users, this is the best stock Android device, and that has been proved by the research that has been done by both Droid-Life and The Verge.

After only two months we could see demand overwhelming supply. It was mostly due to a mistake by Google that didn’t expect it to be so well received by customers. This 5.96-inch phablet wasn’t even planned, and it should have come under the completely different name, to be honest, it was intended to be offered not by Google but by Motorola.

The original goal was to bring nog-Google branded smartphones but with stock Android under the hood. Moto S was the name it should have barred, but it didn’t last long. As a part of the Android Silver program, we could hear reports about various tech giants offering their devices with only stock software.

Unfortunately for Google, maybe even for other companies, and especially for us as users, this didn’t happen. Can you imagine Samsung, HTC, LG devices with clean Android installation, superb. Soon after the start of Android Silver program head of the development suddenly decided to leave his position. On top of that, we could see that most companies weren’t so poised for this to happen.

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Since this didn’t work out for Google, they decided to rebrand new device to Nexus 6. Everything has been done in a hurry and Google didn’t expect it to be so well accepted on the market. A number of smartphones they planned to deliver was far from the figure that was demanded.