Google features new video ad and app capabilities


Google has announced that it is making an upgrade to the capabilities of its ad which is a part of digital media conference – DMEXCO holding in Germany today.

First on the list is the Universal App Campaigns that will allow developers to promote their individual apps across display, search, YouTube advertising and Google Play. So far, according to Google, the campaigns have amounted to over three billion app downloads.

The company also made it known earlier this year that developers will have the opportunity to users who would like to carry out a particular action which is not limited to installation of apps. This option will be made available to all the advertisers alike.

In Google’s official post on its blog, they implied that the advertisers will be allowed to make their choice of the in-a activity that they want optimised, which could be either reaching level 10 or just tapping into an organised deal, adding that 3rd party partners measurement such as Firebase Analytics could be used in the measurement.

The post also noted that once in-app activities have been identified to be within AdWords, your analytic solution has been plugged in. that way, you can set the cost of your install per installation. They also noted that Universal App Campaigners go through signals in their numbers so as to be able to refine the ads that you put so that you can reach interested users at a fair price across Google’s properties.

The coming to YouTube, they will be making available what they call TrueView so that adverts can be skippable. What this implies for advertisers is that they only get to pay for ads that are viewed to the end or that led to the viewer making a purchase. Also included in this TureView is an option for advertisers to include a button that will call people to action to make a purchase, make an order or to sign up.

Google said it believes the new feature will beneficial to advertisers that are in industries termed ‘high consideration’ like such people as automotive, financial services, or travel. Already, Google said the feature is undergoing test and would run like that till the end of the year.