Google finally allows click-to-message business transactions

After several months, or perhaps even years, of testing, Google is finally warmed up to release its new search feature.

Click-to-message is a type of online advertisement displayed on the Google search page. It allows you to send text message to the company sponsoring that ad. You can inquire about available rooms or make a reservation to a hotel or restaurant. You can also text a restaurant for information about their menu. You can do all these with just one button click on the Google search website where you see this advertisement.

This new feature use your mobile phones default text messaging app. It also comes equipped with message templates that you can easily click on to send to the company. You would save a lot of time typing the message you want to convey.

You might be wondering. Isn’t it better and even more professional if you call the company instead?

Although it still is preferable to call an enterprise and speak to real person when conducting business but times have changed these days. People now favor texting rather than calling especially when they still have not met the person on the other line. The SMS somehow serves as an icebreaker.

It must be noted that this millennial society prefers texting more than actually talking on the phone. In a survey that Google had conducted, it was discovered that about sixty – five of their consumers choose texting or any other form of instant messaging to communicate with businesses and gather information about their products or services or make even make transactions.

Perhaps these millennials find it a lot easier and more conducive to text rather than to call because of their extremely busy schedules. It cannot be denied that this society is getting extremely fast-paced. You can hardly afford to waste even a minute of your time pressing some keys on your phone and listening to a recording for options to the right department. You just can’t do anything else while you’re on the phone whereas when you’re simply texting, it only takes a few seconds and you can do something else while you wait for a response.

Also, it is easier to keep track of your transactions. The information will remain in your phone’s inbox for as long as you like unless you delete it.

How to setup click-to-message on your Google Ad? It’s pretty simple. You can use your Google AdWords account to input your contact information and create the SMS icon to show on your ad. Google has assured that using this feature can indeed help increase your conversion rate.

Facebook is also looking to put together a similar feature in their messaging app.