Google Fixes Multiple Errors in Newest Android Security Update


Google has fixed multiple errors in its Android platform in recent security update of its software. According to the company, the recent security update has been carried out with the sole intention of dealing with a number of errors that had been identified in the platform. The errors had been reported to be affecting critical aspects of the manner in which the platform worked; the most important ones being the Wi-Fi and media server functions of the platform.

According to the security team of the company, the recent security update has been carried out to solve about 13 key problems about the manner in which the platform works that had been identified earlier. A number of the problems that were solved in the update were categorised as critical. One of them was manifested in the form of failure of the remote code in the Broadband Wi-Fi driver of the media server to execute properly.

There are other low-level errors that were also fixed. One of them was the commonly witnessed denial-of-service error that was being witnessed in the Minikin library of Android. Another error arose in the form of mistakes that made it possible for hackers to get behind security measures and access sensitive parts of any system that runs on Android.

It is indicative that Google has been preoccupied with the process of fixing technical problems in the media server. Such problems are important to users because many applications require the use of audio or video playing aspects of the platform. As such, the media playing aspects of the platform are critical to the overall functionality of android. Therefore, the company has concentrated on understanding the problems that users experience when using android and looking for ways to solve the problems.

It has been widely said that one of the key issues that the users of android have been exposed to is related to the extent to which the entire platform is exposed to hackers. Using email messages as baits, hackers can lure users and gain access to specific aspects of the platform.

This can give them the ability to secretly execute malicious code on specific devices. However, it is this type of vulnerability, as well as the many others that are related to it, that the Google sought to correct in the current security update.

Going forward, the company has decided to make its security updates available to users on the Android Open Source project. This will make it possible for users to manually update their systems.