Google Flights gets improved with more attractive features

Users of Google Flights have benefited from the many features that the app offers which has helped them in getting to know about cheaper tickets for flights. What the users may not yet know is that the app has added more features for them to make use of.

With the new feature, users will learn of an upcoming increase in the price of some certain airlines and so have an opportunity to book for tickets before the increases become effective. The users will also be given tips they can use to get the best price for their tickets etc. Google Hotels is not left out as it is also coming up with an upgrade that users will get more out from.

In the past, it was possible to fluctuate prices for airlines with Google Flights, which is a calendar view or more like searching for destinations that are cheap if you have it in mind to travel. You will also get alerted should the fare for a flight you have been monitoring be changed.

With the new version of the app, the user will be told of when the current price for the flight will end so as to help in better planning.

If you are yet to make up your mind concerning a destination, Google Flights will present you with a notification bar that will educate you on the best route to take. You can get such things as alternative dates or airports that will help you save some money or to tell you when an increase will be made and the how much using the data history it has.

Google says these new notifications that have been included in the Google Flights will be rolled out in a few weeks to come.

This will give Hopper, a travel startup that has been offering travelers options a run for its money. With the Google Flights, travelers will get cheaper flights and travel dates and will be notified of a drop in price among others. Google pumped extra $16 million into the project to get into international travel.

Hopper was made for the phone alone while that of Google started with the desktop in mind. But the company has said that it would optimize it for mobile. What it means is that users of Google Flights can manage and track their saved flights with the use of their mobile phones. There is also an option for the Explorer to help you decide where to go in a particular place you have in mind by showing you direct flights.

Another feature that will be inclusive is a hotel search that will help you in getting the best possible deals. Savings for loyalty members will also be made known on the hotel’s website.

The company intends to carve a niche in the travel market for itself. They plan to unravel it before the holiday season that a people are known to travel.