Google Inc (GOOG) Engages Audience With A Cool Pac-Man Feature In Google Maps

While a lot of big brands are picking up the pranks at their customers in a lighter manner, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is up for a fun ride. The company is actually indirectly telling you halt the productivity for some time and try this cool Pac-Man thing that it has offered today.

A really cool feature on Google Maps

Pac-Man is the cool feature that the company has introduced to Google Maps. The interesting feature is created on the backdrop of a model arcade game Pac-Man, where it travels across the maze. Google is allowing the users to take their Pac-Man ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and treat the globe as their maze. This is something really engaging and interesting.

How to play Pac-Man on Google Maps?

The new Pac-Man icon will be visible to the users just next to the Earth View option in Google Maps. All that a user needs to do is open the Google Maps and check the Pac-Man icon on the left side in bottom. Once a user selects this icon, it becomes active and you can take it literally (or rather, virtually) anywhere across the length and breadth of the world.

It will act as if you are actually on the streets. One may take their Pac-Man to Times Square or simply in the middle of neon lights. An interesting highlight of this feature is that the Pac-Man can also jet over the popular monuments and your favorite cities. So, if the users wish to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris from the bird’s eye view, they can jet their Pac-Man over Paris.

Pac-Man can take a stroll in the Sydney gardens or check out the cultural-urbane mix in Asian countries like India.

Google keeps the audience engaged

Pac-Man is quite an interesting feature which will definitely keep the audience engaged and of course, talking about Google.