Google Inc (GOOG) Infuses Google Now Card To New Chrome Launcher 2.0

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chrome Operating System has recently been given the upgrade to Chrome Launcher 2.0, with the most appealing feature being Google Now. The virtual assistance called Google Now is being propagated by the company all around its assortment of apps and services. YouTube was the latest one to get card-y, which will help in doing away with the old pop-ups that facilitate additional info regarding videos.

Product to get Google Now

Chrome OS is the new product now, that has kissed the new feature Google Now. This was actually lined up since a long time. The beta channel of this OS has grown up to Chrome Launcher 2.0 with the most exciting feature being presence of Google Now.

Chrome Launcher 2.0 Features

The older OS that featured a classic appearance has been given a facelift with the windows being put in the center of screen and the Google search remains in the center or front. To some amount, this looks like a kind of screen that users witnessed when they launched a new browser tab on Chrome.

The most noticeable feature however, is the card called Google Now that peeps in from below. This is akin to the Google Search on Android systems. This card allows the users in getting relevant and on-time information. It depends on the preferences as well as browsing behaviours of the users.

While the classic or traditional launcher enabled the user to get a hold of their apps rapidly, new Launcher 2.0 will just offer the list of those apps which are frequented by the user.

The Inspiration behind Google Now

Most likely, Google Now seeks inspiration from Windows 10 new feature called Cortana. This is the virtual assistive tool of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) that will be integrated into the brand new Spartan browser.