Google Inc (GOOG)’s Knowledge Graph Begins To Show Social Profiles Now For Brands

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s new knowledge graph box feature now has enhanced display. The search engine, has been displaying links to other social networks in November in addition to Google+ in the ‘special knowledge graph box.’ Thus far, the social network links displayed for actors, celebrities, political figures as well as bands.

Subtle changes have appeared since Thursday and Google Inc has interestingly powered the new feature for corporates as well.

Maybe marketing slant, which will eventually help the search engine to monetize, but in its present form it will allow corporates and brands to pick-up a new line of conversation and engagement with consumers.

Social media evolution into one-to-one engagement of end users, be it small and big-sized brands, has meant that marketers look for tools and techniques which provide instant eyeballs and retention. Google Inc has definitely provided more arsenals for online marketing experts, who believe eventually this feature can be worked to increase screen real estate and SERP.

Since November last, Google Inc has been persistently with displaying Google’s cache of network links, bringing them to higher visibility on the Knowledge Graph. Therefore, the entire spectrum of social network links, such as Twitter, Facebook and even MySpace began to appear against ‘influential’ users, celebrities, along with its own YouTube as well as Google+.

However, this feature appears to have a better run, than its 2012 launched ‘Search Plus Your World’ where only Google+ was highlighted against the celebrity, even if they were higher engaged on other social networks.

Apparently, the November feature is a positive move in the right direction as it displays links which the celebrity is active on, regardless of them not being Google + .

The 2012 feature was disappointing because it was felt that Google promoted content developed only by its properties. Apparently, this move is to help the company overcome the much-held view that it does not encourage competitor content to thrive on its search engine!

Here’s more to this feature for marketing guru’s and brands, as Google Inc. continues to add newer features!