Google Inc (GOOG) Set to Connect Patients with Doctors via Webcams

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is taking the ‘internet of all things’ to another new level after reportedly developing a program that allows patients to connect directly with doctors. The Verge reports that the service is currently under testing with a limited number of users.

Connection to be done via Webcams

The service will connect people searching for treatment in the net with doctors over a video chat. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has already confirmed that it is working on such a project after first being reported by a user on Reddit. Searching for information online especially on medical conditions can at times be hectic with too much information always on offer.

Having a one-on-one chat with a certified doctor via a webcam is always sure to end up being helpful and comforting, instead of having to go through thousands of material to get what you need. Google has already reiterated that the goal of the new service is to provide the most important and helpful information at the click of a button.

Connection with Help outs

Google will reportedly connect the service to Help outs; a market place where doctors will charge for any service they offer via video chat. The service is sure to cost some money should it be successful in the testing phase. Since the service is currently under testing, it won’t pop out at the moment for everyone when looking for medical assistance.

The next thing that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) will have to pay a closer watch on, is ensuring that those people providing medical services are certified practitioners to avoid any future complaints on misdiagnosed conditions. Help outs popularity has grown since inception as the service continues to provide the much-needed help when one is stuck on a given task such as cooking or in dire need of getting fit work-outs.