Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Launches OpenSource Cloud DF SDK For Java Devs

That Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) technology reach and growth is twinned with developer community cannot be denied. The magnitude of platform that Google offers independent developer community via open source is unparalleled. Rather it is unthinkable in closed OS developer segments, and this time around Google Inc. has allowed developers to tweak cloud dataflow applications with its open source SDK.

Cloud Dataflow SDK: Critical Challenge

As core operating system developers such as Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) thrust forward on twin aspects of cloud platforms for mobile users, the pressure on open source cloud application development too comes under pressure.

With MSFT pushing its .NET framework for developer community to test Android Apps, Dataflow is critical for the Android ecosystem. And Cloud Dataflow has bigger competition in cloud-native Amazon’s Web Services.

SDK overview: Data Warehouse, analytics

In his blog post, Sam McVeety at Google Inc, relates that the SKD is for developers looking for integration with Google’s managed services so that they can develop in their local languages and environments.

The core advantage of open source is its availability in native languages of developers. Cloud Dataflow SDK will now take on the likes of AWS RedShift and Hadoop Tool ASW Elastic MapReduce.

However, Google Inc primary focus with Cloud Dataflow SDK is to offer an efficient platform for data ‘intelligence’ derivation via analysis. McVeety reiterates that, the present challenge lies in collating ‘intelligence’ from the sea of data that is available in pockets and diversified in its constitution and multiple storage systems. As real-time analytics needs quadruples, the pressure will be on developers to offer the next set of analytics which help in extracting the value from disconnected, discrete packets of data!

Introducing the new platform, Google’s Senior Vice President, Urs Hozle remarks that Dataflow replaces Hadoop’s MapReduce within Google. Dataflow will launch the new approach to ‘arbitrary’ data set analysis.