Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) packs Video Filters Punch to Hangouts update today

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) the developers behind Android Operating Systems, and the popular email service Gmail will add new features to its social media arm Google Hangouts.

Updates for Hangouts

Bradley Horowitz, the Vice President of Product at Google+ announced that the updates would be available on Dec 10. He mentioned the new features would be fun, while others would came it easy to work with it. The announcement came as part of the LeWeb Conference in Paris.
Experts predict that the new features are previews of the direction and vision Google has for its native social media product.

Fun and Easy Features

Google’s main stay service, Gmail, is wonderfully packaged for personalized as well as collaborative business use. To further enhance the features of the product, a new service Google Hangouts was included allowing users to connect with their contacts.

Hangouts freshly minted features will include 16 sticker pages with Easter Eggs. Additionally, there are features which will make using Google Hangout seamless extension of work. This includes a visual feature, where a filter is used to video chat. This will convert the whole video into sepia finish or black and white finish or the more classic vignette display.

Hangouts will now include some truly location-based features. For, it will now prompt you to indicate your location to queries from your contacts on where you are currently or status. This will however, be active only if you have pin on the map. And there is fun factor to this as well, for you can easily fudge your location by pinning to the location you want.

Google Hangout will now have a location-sharing feature. However, the improved factor here is that Google will now contextually connect. It will use conversations to update and send out quick replies.
A last seen feature will also makes its way to Google Hangouts and text message will also be integrated with Hangout chat tools.