Google Inc (GOOG) Unveils A Smaller Version of Its Robo-Dog Robot

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) seems to be busy on its robotics unit having launched a smaller and lighter version of its robo-dog robot that has been spotted taking part in military trials. The latest four-legged robo-pet has been programmed to climb stairs as well as job next to its handler with the most exciting part being its ability to cope, when kicked.

When kicked, the electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot does not fall but instead moves to the side as if falling and then comes back to its initial position. Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) seems to have fitted a sensor on its head that allows it to navigate smoothly through rough terrains while also having the ability to spot the presence of other humans or robo-dogs nearby.

Tests have already been carried on the robot by Marines in Hawaii after five years of being under development. The robot can walk and run over a rugged terrain while carrying up to 400lbs of kit and weapons. Cujo, the robot dog, is now being tested in the Kahuku Training area by five Marines from India Co.

Cujo was developed by Boston Dynamics that was acquired by Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and programmed to follow its operator while traversing rugged terrain while carrying most of the marines load. The robot is however being used as a logistical tool rather than a tactical tool due to the amount of noise it produces and its inability to transverse some terrains.

Lance Cpl Brandon Dieckman of the India Company, however, notes the LS3 can still be able to transverse up to 80% of the terrain that Marines cover. Cujo only needs one person to roll it back, in instances where it falls down as it is not that heavy. The controls used to navigate Cujo are simple to learn and feel like playing Call of Duty according to Huberth Duarte, an infantryman in the 3/3 battalion.