Google to make use of renewable energy from the wind to power its data centers

In another effort to intensify its effort in making use of only sources from renewable energy to power its data center, Google has embarked on a deal to acquire power generated by a wind turbine in the Netherlands.
The company in partnership with European manufacturers like DSM and Philips, AkzoNobel, wants to buy a worth of 350-megawatt hours electricity yearly from a wind farm that is community-owned – Windpark Krammer – located in Netherlands.

4000 people communally own Windpark Krammer and generated 102 MWh. The 4 companies that have indicated interest in buying the power have given assurance that they will fund the wind park. Google also said it will power European operations with the renewable energy.

Already, Google has signed up to acquire all the energy that the windmill park in Dutch Delfzijl produces with 62 megawatts being generated by the nineteen turbines that have been erected.
The company intends to make use of the power from Delfzijl to solely power its data center located in Eemshaven that is worth €600 million.

Google noted that currently, it acquired close to 2.5 GW worth of renewable energy and is also committed to putting in $2.5 billion in such project in all parts of the world.

The company is also making heavy investments in cable infrastructure global networks for its data centers and that it has partnered with Facebook to lay cable undersea to link up Los Angeles and Honk Kong. The project will be known as PLCN – Pacific Light Cable Network that will span across the ocean stretching at 12, 800 kilometers. The project will be built by TE Subcom expected to provide 120 terabits by the second. It is expected to be operative come 2018.