Google Inc (GOOG) Now Comes With ‘Occasional’ Reminder Feature For Important Tasks

Google Now will make the task of remembering important events and tasks convenient for the users by adding to its services a new reminder option that will keep reminding the users of the important activities to be undertaken with minor gaps between the two reminders. Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) Now has come up with a reminder that is ongoing, but how frequently it will appear on screen is not known with surety.

Solution for many problems

Till date, the reminders could be set by the user for a specific day, date or time, which used to pop-up once and once dismissed it could never be seen again. While certain events are of repetitive nature during short spans of time, few others occur on annual basis. Certain tasks like paying bills, visit to doctors are few activities that are needed to be done on time and it’s not easy to keep a track of all of them. These events neither occur on daily basis nor on annual basis, but with time spans of few days or months.

While setting a reminder regularly is a task in itself and it is not possible to remember setting the reminder regularly hence a solution has been found to these problems by Google that allows users to set up ‘occasional’ reminders, which takes care of this.

Google’s ‘occasional’ reminder: How does it work?

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) has introduced a ‘occasional’ reminder for these that pop-up several times and are an add-on to the already existing reminders in Google Now. It was first spotted by Android Police. At the said time they trigger and remind the user of the task or event.

“Today”, “Tomorrow” and “Occasionally” are few options for the user to choose from and thereafter he or she is required to set a specific day and time for the same. Google Now stack displays on top the cards that have been chosen for the ‘Occasional’ display by the user, who can choose either to dismiss or to postpone them. It is expected that the gap between two reminders will be that of two to three days.

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