Google Pixel 2: Certified with Snapdragon 835, Android O and ‘Active Edge’


The Google Pixel 2 is a step closer to its release after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has certified it. Based on the regulatory filing, this device will include some anticipated features, such as Snapdragon 835 and Android O.

The launch of the device is expected in the following two months. Also, the smartphone will have a new ‘Active Edge’ feature, which is quite similar to Edge Sense on the HTC U11.

A device screenshot in the filing shows a feature which is presumed to be triggering the voice assistant based on gestures. By pressing the display edges, the Google Assistant should be launched. On the U11, this same gesture can be used for taking photos and opening apps.


As for the space, the device is presumed to have a 64GB base variant, as the screenshots that leaked showed 50GB of free space together with 14GB probably for internal applications. It’s worth mentioning that the previous Pixel handsets included 32GB version.

In the screenshot can also be seen the device model number – G011A, earlier reported by Wi-Fi Alliance, which provided the device with Wi-Fi capabilities certification, making it more ready for launch.

With all the pieces coming together, together with the FCC certification, Google might actually choose to release the Pixel 2 a bit earlier. However, it would be a bit unusual if they release it in August and not in October when they delivered their previous phones, as that would mean that the life cycle of the Pixel’s first generation is 10 months and not the usual year.


Based on the images that leaked, the new Pixel device will share the look of the previous models, the only difference being a much larger module for the camera.

We’re sure Google has a good reason for not opting for an edge-to-edge display. Presumably, they could use those bezels for housing the speakers. In the past, Google has supplied Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P with front-facing speakers, so they may have done the same thing with the Pixel 2.

Although HTC is making the device, it is expected that LG will be delivering the display. Taking it into consideration, the device could have an 18:9 display, and would not disappoint as far as the screen surface area goes. In spite of the fact that it won’t use the edges like S8 did, at least it will make use of most of the display, and unlike the first generations of Pixels, it won’t have a thick bottom bezel.