Google Pixel Smartphones Introduced And Aiming At Apple And Samsung

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Finally, we are able to see new Google smartphones, Pixel and Pixel XL that are coming as successors to Nexus models. Obviously, Nexus name will fade, but we could hear search engine giant thanking their customers and promising that they will continue to offer support for older devices.

Let’s get back on track. What we do know so far is that Google is going straight head to head with both Apple and Samsung. Their offer is similar to what their competitors have, at least in the price range so it will be interesting to test all flagships side by side.

If you want to buy Google Pixel smartphone with the 5-inch display, you will need to pay $650 which is in line with 4.7-inch iPhone 7 that is priced at $649. Top of the line 5.5-inch Pixel XL device comes with a sticker at $770 completely same as iPhone 7 Plus. Samsung also offers their flagship models at similar prices.

Even South Korean company has competitors in this race we still think that main goal of Google is to jeopardize Apple and take over a chunk of their customers. As a result, we could see many comparisons of these two devices, at least of what they are offering on the paper since Pixel models are not yet available.

Looking at features, we think that Google has a slight advantage in most segments but for this to be confirmed we will have to thoroughly test models side by side. Until that happens here is our thought about these two. In the processor and memory segment, we think that we don’t have a clear winner as both companies will employ the latest tech that promises to offer performances capable of coping with even the most demanding games and apps currently available.

Pixel devices will use AMOLED displays that are superior to LCD ones on iPhone. This is where Google will have a slight advantage, but all reports suggest that Apple will be soon transitioning to newer technology. Claims of Mountain View based company is that their camera is incredible are backed up with the 89 DxOMark Mobile score that is a benchmark for camera performance and they managed to beat iPhone 7 by 3 points. On top of that, Daydream VR compatibility has been presented by Google, and at this point, Apple doesn’t have anything to compete with that.

No matter which company and device you choose, we are pretty sure that you will be getting one monster that can satisfy all your needs. Differences are small and in details and we will test these smartphones and bring our overall decision.