Google rebrands its cloud by doubling enterprise

One notion that makes the head of Google cloud chief, Diane Green crazy is the idea that Google is not interested in becoming the biggest provider of business technology to stop.

Greene speaking during a press event last Thursday is San Francisco, said she has been talking with not less than 200 partners and customers about the different service enterprise that Google offers with the help of documents tools which are then taken to the business of cloud computing where companies can signify interest to buy any capacity they want.

She said that Google GOOG -0.84% is going to take customers breath away with the number of services and tools that would be available for sale. However, even after such conversations have been going on between Google and the companies they are still wondering is Google is serious.

Google has in the past made efforts to create a service for selling workplace software that is healthy such as email and spreadsheets to companies. Even though these services they provide are popular people still tend to see Google as an Internet search company that is also into advertising.

Greene said this is all about to change, because, after the rebranding, Google would be seen in another light. Google’s business apps such as Calendar and Gmail will come under G Suite brand, which would take over Google’s Work branding. The G Unit will also come under Google cloud which is like the parent body that oversees the company’s different businesses like Chromebook laptops, data analytics tools, cloud computing business, and Android phones.

Urs Hölzle, a Google executive, and Greene at the event was all about praising Google and the technical prowess that it possesses when it comes to learning machines, networking data center and others that make it easier for IT operators and developers to build apps and also manage apps.

According to Greene, Google is known handles not less than 30% of Internet demands in the world with reach to places like Saudi Arabia.

Google’s CEO compared the company to companies like Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web services, which according to Greene, is like 5% of the IT market that is at the level which is valued at trillions of dollars.

Barely a week ago, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, said that Oracle is the only competitor of Amazon Web services without naming Microsoft and Google as competitors. Likewise, Google during the event on Thursday did not mention Oracle.

Going further, Greene in reemphasizing what Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said, Google is happy to be involved in the democratization of machine learning that makes use of artificial intelligence so that computers can take in data in large quantity and also learn from information at its disposal.

Apart from letting the crowd know that Google has spent a lot of money in building and improving the new data centers, the Google executives also mentioned new features that will help businesses in finding documents and sending it to the person that needs it.

Cloud computing demands data center facilities that are enormous so that it can accommodate distributing computing resources that is automatic for occasions when customers have a high demand of it. To this, Greene said the company has upgraded its facilities to meet this demand.