Google using its homepage to encourage more people to register to vote

Google is not giving up on the effort to get more people to register so that they can vote in the upcoming election. Their latest effort is creating a pop-up ad that shows on the homepage desktop of U.S residents. The company has joined in championing the drive for more people to vote and for answers to be granted concerning any question they might have about the election which is made available in the Search results. The users are automatically redirected to where they can find answers to the question they have concerning the election such as poll hours, deadlines, registration process and the rest of them.

The new addition of the pop-up ad is regarded to be forceful means the company is applying so that the number of people that will register to vote will keep on increasing.

Before the entrance of the pop-up ad, the only time users are given information concerning the election is when they type in words such as “register to vote”, “how to vote” etc. what this means is that the information is made available to only those that have made up their mind to vote or at have at least considering voting now or in the near future.

With the pop-up, everyone that visits the search giant from U.S must see it. this is a huge move that will get a lot of people according to comScore because Google is known to account for not less than 64% of the search that comes from desktop and receives over 10 billion searches in a month.

Not every query is expected to appear with the pop-up, though, but occasionally it will appear and stay by the right side of the desktop at the bottom of the home page. The message that the pop-up has is such that is asking the users to make sure they are prepared to vote and then will present a “Register now” button for people to click on if they wish to vote or they will click the “No thanks” button to decline.

This initiative by Google is such that has not been witnessed before as Google is conservative as to what it allows on its homepage that is most of the time plain blank with just their logo and the search space for many years counting save for some few times when they advertised their own products.

The company has not limited its push to just the pop-up, but also to alerts that remind users in different states of the last day that the registration will take place with such information displayed at the bottom part of the search page.

Google is not the only company that is championing the registration drive as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat are also in the race with the sole intention of getting more people to register which will invariably mean that more people are like to vote on the election day.